The Soil


Wine is soil.

The vine does not enjoy comfort nor appreciate the silt of fatty or rich soils. In fact, the vine prefers poor soils. As the old saying goes: “the vine needs to suffer in order to produce”. Château d’Arsac’s soil is comprised of small gravel and sand which are mixed over a thin layer of clay.

Wine is the best of the grape. The wine of a Bordeaux Grand Cru is always the winemakers’ quest to find balance and harmony between varietals and soil. The Château d’Arsac estate is 250 hectares large. Its vineyard of 112 hectares is planted with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc (cuvée Céline).

The multiplicity of soil types and the dispersion of various plots renders the AOC Margaux appellation quite diversified. Taking note of this, we can acknowledge that there is no real Margaux type or signature style. All wines created in this appellation are unique, but all share some common points. These shared particularities constitute the richness, diversity and variety that the Margaux appellation has to offer.