Philippe Raoux


Philippe Raoux represents the 4th generation of a particularly dynamic family of wine growers and traders. His father was a wine producer and trader near Oran, Algeria. The family produces, over a few hundred hectares, a sun wine, concentrated and rich.

1962: Repatriated to France, the Raoux family starts again their life in Bordeaux, after the exodus. Settling in and finding new bases in an unknown region... everything has to be reinvented! The trading house, founded in 1890 by Philippe Raoux’s grandfather, became the first company selling wine by correspondence in Bordeaux.

From this uprooted family, Philippe Raoux has kept his family’s entrepreneurial spirit and is always motivated to attempt new adventures. He resurrects the Châteaux d’Arsac, bought in ruins in 1986, thanks to the reconstitution of its vineyard, a bold renovation of the buildings and unparalleled artistic accompaniment. But dreams can not stop at the limits of property.